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XoneBros: A Positive Gaming & Xbox One Community

Jun 29, 2018

Overwatch came out with some big changes to their system as well as some characters. Are these changes good or bad? Will this take the game to the next level and does it make it more accessible to new players? As always we have fun talking all things games and Xbox One with the most positive gaming community on...

Jun 22, 2018

First Fortnite and now Minecraft! Cross-Play is here and we believe it will become the norm. We debate why this is good for gaming and as always, share all the Xbox One news of the week while having fun!


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Jun 15, 2018

Microsoft nailed their E3 conference! What made this the best conference they've had since announcing the Xbox One? We also share with you our E3 experiences and stories. What game are we most excited to release? As always it's a great time talking all things games and Xbox One with the best gaming community on...

Jun 7, 2018

Destiny 2 launched a huge trailer for their next expansion this week and we discuss what it means for the future of the game. Is this the expansion Destiny 2 needs to bring players back, and is this the direction we'd like the game to go? E3 is also almost here! What are some of our predictions and how do we most enjoy...

Jun 1, 2018

Bethesda teased us with a 24 stream of glory and goodness that ultimately rewarded our gaming taste buds with the orgasmic aroma of Fallout 76. Is this the best teaser reveal ever? What other reveals are memorable? What do we think of a new Fallout? All this and more on another fun episode hanging out with the most...